This was a pitch to get a design internship in the ancient times of 2012. It worked and I spent two months with Edenspiekermann.
Version 2.0 of this is coming, but in the meantime here’s some of my new work.

Hi there! I would love to work with you over the summer.
You are probably thinking:
I’m Jakub Foglar, a designer from Prague.
Dude, anyone can say they are a designer.
Let me show you some projects. Bakery 1. Bakery 2. Invitation 1. Invitation 2. High school identity 1. High school identity 2. High school identity 3.
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I yearn for this experience. stamp
The Best opportunity of my life. If you agree, please contact me.
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Thanks for reading. Made by Jakub Foglar in 2012.