I’m Jakub.

Nice To Meet You!

I always liked bios on designers’ websites, so here goes.

I’m a designer (living in Prague, Czech Republic) with your standard interests ranging from coffee and movies to volleball and the outdoors.

These days, I freelance in the digital product waters, but I come from more traditional graphic design background. Big interests that got me started back in high school were motion design and typography.

I spent the last couple years in a social gaming startup doing what is today referred to as digital product design. Lately, I was the sole designer on the team and wore many hats, from defining what should be done and designing prototypes, to making tasks for developers, to testing final implementation.

Before that, I studied graphic design at University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín. My bachelor thesis was a redesign of the Czech Volleyball Federation (a passion project), and I finished masters with a concept of a print magazine personalized for every reader through a mobile app. I also interned at Edenspiekermann Amsterdam before starting off my university studies.

I’m always interested in new projects that revolve around, and combine, branding and digital products. Hit me up!