Logo design for a website performance startup. Quick turnaround!

I was approached by Canarytrace to design their logo.

Canarytrace pushes the state of the art of website performance testing – they’re all about loading speeds, precision and lightweight but secure code.

I took these key brand qualities and created a symbol of a flying raptor, intelligently scanning everything around. Flying effortlessly light, like a paper airplane. Attacking with mechanical precision, like a fighter jet.

The logo exists in three vesions – full color, one color, and outline, for specific uses by the client. The accompanying typeface is Cosmica for its cool, confident appearance, with a hint of human touch.


  • A couple of weeks is enough for simpler logo design projects with a few revision rounds.
  • It’s great when the client has an idea about how their brand should feel.
  • Radim, Canarytrace’s founder, had a strong vision of a silhouette of a bird already on his mind. At that point, it would be redundant to do any larger research into other possible directions. Sometimes it pays off to just deliver what the client seeks.

Final lockup
Logo concepts