4 Years in a digital product designer role at a social gaming startup.

  • Product design, UX, UI, Research, Protyping, Testing, Management
  • 8 million monthly active users, 13 million downloads

Gamee is a social network with simple, fun games. Players can beat friends, like their scores, chat, participate in large gaming battles, and spend in-app currencies on new games and upgrades.

(Today, the platform have already pivoted into a different product.)

I worked across mobile apps, web and brand, iterating on existing apps and launching full new products. As years passed, I moved into a more senior role of a single product designer with more ownership over the product.

  • My role: Product design, UX, UI, Research, Protyping, Testing, Management
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Chatbots, Brand
  • 8 million monthly active users, 13 million app downloads

The range of work is hard to put down into a simple project overview.

You could find me:

  • High-level roadmap planning with the CEO, CPO and CTO
  • Collaborating on documents and writing specifications
  • Creating wireframes and prototyping flows
  • Creating and updating near-term roadmaps, writing product updates for the team to keep everybody in the loop
  • Designing cross-platform UIs, updating and creating components for our simple design system
  • Testing prototypes with people around the office and with our users, sending out questionnaires
  • Estimating development time with our engineers, managing the development process, testing implementations, adjusting according to feedback
  • Digging into data from our analysts, measuring impact of tests and new releases
  • Responding to app reviews, experimenting with store screenshots, managing releases, writing release notes
  • Updating our icons, creating merch and other brand materials

Gamee first started as an app, but quickly grew where the team saw big potential. We were one of the 8 launch partners for Facebook’s Instant Games. We launched chatbots for Telegram, Kik, Viber and Messenger. When Apple wouldn’t approve our updates for a year, we created a completely new product. We also built a progressive web app with React.js.

At one point, we even created a completely new “chat” app, to regain our lost presence in Apple’s App Store.

This is just a brief visual selection of the work. If you’d like a more detailed and technical look, let me know!

“Jakub started as our UI/Brand designer, but soon he proved that he’s also very good in UX, has analytical skills and is able to prioritize. Gradually he became a full stack designer, product owner of mobile apps and a core member of our team.”

Jan Částek